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current work


A side-grained natural-edged turning. This is one of a series of found objects. I like that these incorporate a sense of the whole log in each piece. I also like that each of the pieces in this series has assumed individual identities, like an object you might happen to find in nature.

I wanted to do pieces that didn’t look fussy and would be inviting to pick up. These are “two-hander pieces”. They are meant to be touched and have a range of textures to explore.

 “Na Hua o ka Wao Kele”

(eggs of the upland forest)


Further explorations combining off-axis techniques and carving into end-grained natural-edged turnings. This piece is a shape that is reduced to form and flow.

I wanted to create a sense of movement by adjusting the shape, patterning in the wood, and spatial relationships into a form that would have add a little tension to the flow of this piece.



A side-grained natural-edged turning. Another in a series of found objects. I wanted this piece to be approachable for people to pick up and hold. This piece needs to be held and felt to appreciate what the wood has to offer.

There are many times when we discover objects that represent significant events in the life that surrounds us. We have our collections of abandoned shells and houses that are left to tell the story of change.

 “First Flight”

Pk     Humphrey's Acension_A

Another in a series of found objects. This time with a twist and a leg to stand on.

 “Humphrey’s Ascension”

Further explorations combining carving and end-grained natural-edged turnings. The knots obviously play a big role in the look and feel of this piece. These knots have been hollowed out and textured so they will retain a shell like quality to the piece.

Pu ho okani-PK2-IMG_1559A

 “Pu ho okani”

End-grained natural-edged turning. I wanted to do a piece that had the smooth and satiny feel of Santa Clara pottery. I wanted some of the edginess that can be present in ceramic pieces with the softness and the warmth of wood.

PK     Ten     HDR 00


PK     The Raincatcher      IMG_3281

This piece is a tribute to the long and tall conduits connecting earth and sky. The trees swaying in the wind, vessels filled with water and bringing the air to life.

It was important that this piece use a log section that had knots that were chosen for their branch-like qualities rather than symmetry and fullness in size. As well, spectacular grain patterning wasn’t a consideration for wood selection. The piece was to represent the inherent grace and beauty in all rain catchers.

 “The Raincatcher”

Continued work in the turned and carved flower series. This piece adds a “pretty but slightly dangerous” look to this series of pieces.

PK     Night Blooming Serious      PK2-IMG_2076
Gatekeeper IMG_0146


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 “Night Blooming Serious”

A turned and constructed box. Freeform carved and burned. I would like to do more of these contour layered pieces. This is very much like 3d contour drawing and the work develops its own personality during a session.